Weekend round-up!

Hi, Friends!

How was your weekend? Mine was pretty uneventful on the running front, but let’s recap, shall we?

After work on Friday, I did a cross training workout for about 60 minutes.  I wanted to keep it on the light side, knowing I was going to have a tough Saturday. A tough Saturday meaning: fasting. ugh. My husband and I celebrated Yom Kippur on Saturday, which traditionally means fasting from sun down on Friday night – Saturday night. We decided not to make a big deal of Friday night, and we were both a little late getting home, so we did the obvious choice in that situation- ordered pizza. Hit the spot. Easy. Done. Since I’m oh-so-crazy, I fell asleep at an embarrassingly early hour and decided to just go with it. I set my alarm early to meet my team for a long run. Well, that didn’t really pan out. I woke up around 7 and immediately knew the run would be a bad idea. Even though I run a lot, the members on my team are FAST, so even if I’m doing a shorter version of a long run, it’s still a hard effort for me. The thought of taking in no fuel sounded terrible, so I scratched that idea and decided I would head out later on my own run. This way I could go a little closer to the time I could eat again. Soooo if you ever want your weekend slow down and last a lot longer, just don’t eat. I promise it will make the time crawl by. Seriously. WTF? I am not a happy camper when I don’t eat. I’m a creature of habit when it comes to eating breakfast and snacking, so by the afternoon I was pretty miserable. I tried to keep busy by cleaning and organizing our apartment a bit.

IMG_0831I finally cleaned out our cabinets and found these. How these weren’t eaten still amazes me.

We also did some fun stuff, like sign me up for my Scuba certification – super excited about this!

Being in the nutrition world, I get a lot of questions about fasting, especially this past summer when the “8 Hour Diet” came out. This diet works on the premise of alternating between fasting for 16 hours and eating for 8 hours. It’s a type of intermittent fasting. You can read more about it here:http://www.dailyherald.com/article/20130327/entlife/703279999/ 

There are definitely safe ways to fast, especially if you subscribe to fasting for religious or cultural reasons. Some people take it further than others, and fasting can mean different things to different people. The most important thing while doing a fast is listening to your body, and not trying to be a hero. You think you’re going to pass out? Then it’s probably OK to have some water. There are also some people who shouldn’t follow a traditional fast, such as the elderly or expectant females.  With the exception of Yom Kippur, I’ve never tried a fast, so if any of you have fasting experience out there, do tell!

I ended up heading out for my run around 5pm, which was perfect. It definitely feels like fall around Boston these days, and I actually went out in shorts and a long sleeve shirt – awesome. I was going to do a quick loop around the Charles River, but got stopped by a nice Policeman who informed me the Esplanade was closed for a concert. Boo. I guess I was oblivious to the swarms of people entering the river around me. So, I turned around and headed back to the Cambridge side of the river which sees much less action.


Truthfully, even if the Esplanade was open, I would probably have turned around anyways. I know I still haven’t officially addressed my Boston Marathon experience on the blog, but I’m still pretty iffy with big crowds and public events, so I was more than happy to bop off and do my thing on the other side of the river. I covered about 7 miles at an easy pace. Not a long run, but enough to feel like I did something. When I got home I showered quickly, ate a handful of trail mix (oops!) and got ready to head over to Temple. For those of you out there not familiar with Yom Kippur, it’s part of the Jewish New Year where you atone for last year’s sins and go into the new year fresh! It’s actually pretty cool and I really enjoy the temple we go to. About 8pm, we finished up and headed over to “break the fast.” Unfortunately we had to wait a while for our table to be ready, so I ended up breaking my fast with vodka sodas. Again, oops. Let me tell ya, food has never tasted so good.

I was pretty beat from all the not-eating all day, so was happy to sleep in a bit Sunday. I dilly-dallied around a bit, doing some schoolwork, EATING breakfast (I missed it!) and headed out for a long-ish run around noon. I decided to hit a time goal for the run instead of milage. I really like the idea of running for time, especially on the long runs. I get a little caught up with pace sometimes, and have a bad habit of running too fast in longer efforts. I decided to do a 90 minute run with just my watch, no Garmin. I went back on the Charles River again with no problem and it was truly the most beautiful day! I don’t typically take pictures on my training runs because I don’t like running with my iPhone, and also don’t really like stopping to take pictures. I figure I would never do that during a race, so why do it when I train? There are definitely easy runs I’ll stop here and there, but for a concentrated effort on time, I wanted to be running the full 90 minutes. The Charles River is awesome because there are only a couple places you have to stop for traffic. It’s the best place to get an uninterrupted run in. The only downside is the lack of hills, but there are plenty in the area to practice on. I ended my 90 minutes and felt great! Of course being a runner, I had to check my milage, so I checked out MapMyRun and figured I did a little more than 10.5 miles, which is an average pace of about 8:25. Still a little faster than I want to be running long runs, but for “only” 90 minutes, it was still a comfortable pace.

The rest of my evening included heading over to Fenway Park for the Red Sox- Yankees game! I’m not really a baseball fan, but the games are fun to go to. Again I felt a little anxiety in such a public/big event, but Ben fed me beer and warm pretzels and I magically felt better. Weird how that happened 😉

Hope you all have a great Monday!

Have you/would you ever fast?

What’s your favorite place to run?

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