Winning weekend

I’ve been a delinquent blogger, my apologies! Let me get you caught up on some workouts!
Since we last talked there’s been some running going on! Backing all the way up to Thursday at the track. Every Thursday night my team does workouts with our coach. We do ~2 or 3 warm up miles and then the workout. It varies every week and there’s a workout for distance peeps and then those focusing on shorter efforts. I do the distance workouts and here’s what we did Thursday: 5x1000m at 5k pace with up to the same time for recovery. I ended up doing a 600 recovery between each on and a mile cool down for a little more than 7.5 for the day.

20130923-215406.jpg Friday was pretty uneventful and I just logged some time on the elliptical to recover from track and be ready for a 5k in the morning. My friend hosted a memorial 5k for her dad, so we drove out to Vermont on Friday!

20130923-215625.jpg The race was awesome! They did such a great job organizing and had a great turnout for the first year!

My husband ended up winning the whole thing and I was 2nd female!

I actually don’t know what my time was since the clock started early and I forgot to start my watch! It was a pretty small race, about 150, but I’ll take it 😉
The rest of the day was spent hanging out and enjoying the beautiful weather. Also playing with the llamas

The awkwardness of these animals make them so cute!
Sunday was a nice 6 mile run and more time with friends. Love weekends like this! Today was an off day for running so I enjoyed another spin class!

Any good workouts or races this weekend?

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