About RTB

Who am I? Well, I suppose I’m a runner. Not a particularly good runner, but good enough to be chasing a BQ (Boston Qualifying time, for you non-runners out there) and logging enough miles to keep me healthy and fit.


I started running about 6 years ago after I wrapped up a fairly competitive tennis career at a division I university. I’m one of those “used to hate running” blah blah blah “couldn’t run a mile” blah blah blah converts who just completed her 6th marathon at the 2013 Boston Marathon (we’ll get to that, don’t you worry. But if you were wondering, yes, I finished, and yes, it was horrific). Running has been instrumental in helping me deal with some distorted eating habits and also kick-started my weight loss after college (apparently even athletes gain weight in college) . I also credit running with getting me through some very dark times, most notably losing my mother in 2011. So what do I do besides run? I’m currently finishing up a didactic program to become a Registered Dietitian (RD). Having already completed my Masters in Science in nutrition, I also work as a nutritionist at a Boston hospital focusing on childhood obesity.

Besides that, I’m just a 29 year old newlywed, living in Boston and enjoying the city! You’ll see plenty of miles, a bit of nutrition and  way too many exclamation points!

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