Hello, Monday

We’re having a little glimpse of fall weather here in Boston, which is by far my most favorite time of year for running. It won’t last for long, supposedly it’s going to be 90 degrees on Wednesday (??WTF??) – not my favorite weather at all. Anyways, today was a glorious day for running, and I was able to head out for some easy miles with my co-worker/friend (mostly friend). We both decided it would be a S-L-O-W run (jog?) which was great to catch up and gossip about our not-so-exciting work place. I did a fairly long bike ride last week and also took a couple spin classes, so my legs have felt a bit heavy the past couple days. I’m hoping to get some easy runs in the beginning of this week and be ready for a 5k I have coming up on Thursday. If you live in Boston, you definitely have to check out the ‘Lets Run, Have Fun and Be Fit’ 5k series on the Charles River. http://baevents.com/mardigrasfestivalrun/


This is the last one in the series, but they’re a BLAST and also an awesome way to meet new people. The run is fun, the beer is better 😉 A bunch of people from my running club (I’ll talk more about that at a later time!) run these races, so it’s a good opportunity for me to try to keep up with some of the faster girls in my club and also practice some good racing habits (i.e actually warming up, cooling down, ect). 

The tennis nerd in me is getting my fix watching the Djokovic/Nadal US Open final tonight. Seriously, these guys are out of control.

What’s your favorite running weather?

Any must run races in your city?

Back in the swing of things

So something major happened last weekend: I got married!!



Getting married is a lot like running a marathon. There’s the hard work of planning, the anxiety beforehand, and then the feeling afterwards of what now? Unlike running where you can sign up for another race, I obviously can’t get married again, nor would I want to change the amazing day I had.

Of course I would schedule my wedding 4 days before my classes start, so a honeymoon wasn’t in the cards for us immediately following the wedding. Technically I’m back at work and school, but my mind is still kind of stuck in wedding mode. So is my eating. It might be that I think I should be on a honeymoon this week, or maybe the fact that I didn’t eat for about 3 days before my wedding (damn nerves!), but my appetite has been en fuego this week. Combined with skipping some workouts this week, I found myself feeling pretty sluggish this weekend. I know this behavior is temporary and I’ll get back into my normal routine, but it was a good reminder of how quickly I can let my healthy habits slip if I’m not mindful. Celebrating with my family and friends was well worth it, but looking forward to my normal eating and workouts in the coming week.

I decided to end my weekend with my usual loop around the Charles River- 6 miles. easy. done. Now off to finish up some reading before class in the morning!





Hi, there! I’m Lesley! I’m an almost (!) 30 year old from Massachusetts pursuing a career in dietetics while also managing my own nutrition and fitness goals. I hope you’ll join me in my journey of being a runner, student and newlywed in Boston (aka BEANtown)!