Moving around

I found myself taking quite the tour of Boston today! Tuesdays are a little on the busy side as I have class and then head straight to work afterwards. I’m currently finishing up my requirements to become a registered dietitian, so I’m taking two classes in addition to my job. I started my morning with a little studying at Starbucks

I’m always so tempted to get a Pumpkin Spice latte (or PSL) but I think I need to save that for a treat occasion. Also not really up for spending $4 on coffee. Anyways, after class and work I headed down to the Seaport to scope out some apartments. I hate moving more than anything, but our building is raising out rent so we gotta go. Boston real estate is OOC. Rents have gone through the roof, it’s sickening. I’ve always wanted to live near the water so I met with a real estate agent to check out a couple places.

I was a bit early so I headed to Flour to read a bit. Flour is one of my absolute favorite coffee shops. Everything is absolutely delicious, and totally tempting. I compromised with some trail mix.

I’m not really sure my book would agree with that statement, but whatever.
I finished up the day with a workout at a new-to-me gym. I have a regional pass at Boston Sports Club but don’t venture to new clubs too often. This BSC was a bit smaller than some of the others, but did the trick. I did about 5 miles on the treadmill before I hopped on the elliptical and zoned out with some Bravo TV. I have to get my fix outside my house because my husband has banned certain shows in my home. Mainly anything that has the word ‘Housewives’ in it. I’d like to say I did some strength training, but lets be real, totally didn’t happen.
It’s suppose to be 90 degrees tomorrow, so I’m planning an early morning run before it gets too hot!

Catch you tomorrow!